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Damn you to hell for making me think of Wil Shriner! I think you just ruined my Easter weekend.

Funky Dung

Dude, you forgot the lead singer of the Knack!


When we watch Scrubs we think the lead guy (I can't remember his name at the moment...but you know...he did Garden State, too...and I could probably come up with his name if I thought about it long enough.) Anyway...he reminds us of Bob.


george clooney. no doubt about it.


Jet -- HAH! My wife only WISHES that that was the case...


Garden State/Scrubs guy = Zach Braff.


George Clooney? Yes please.


I vote for John Ritter.

Joshua Molina from West Wing and Sports Night is also a fair match.



Bob -- lookin' good!
Nice to know that you've also visited my city. While still in college I took a summer job working in the WTC and had a wonderful view of Lady Liberty every day. That was years ago, but seems like yesterday whenever I see the empty hole in the ground. If you ever decide to visit again, look me up and I'll buy you guys a drink!

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